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Mrs. Mays


I am a high school math teacher.  I am also the Apologetix leader.  I have taught at Olney High School for 10 years and Cisne Middle School for 1 year.  I went to Frontier Community College and Eastern Illinois University.  I majored in Math with Teacher Certification.  My favorite color is green.  My favorite animal is a goat.  My favorite classes to teach are advanced math classes.  My favorite thing about teaching is the students.  My least favorite thing about teaching is the grading.  This is my 17th year teaching.  I started dating Mr. Mays is the 8th grade.  I enjoy family time the most.  My favorite number is 100%.  It makes me the happiest.  My favorite rainy day activity is napping.  My favorite thing to do on breaks is camping.  I am 39 years old.  I decided to become a teacher through prayer.  If I could do something else it would be retiring.  A random fact is that I can work a Rubiks Cube.  If I were stuck on a deserted island and I could only pick one teacher to go with me, I would pick Mr. Mays... duh!!!  The slogan that best describes me is Don't worry, be happy.  If I could be an animal, I would be a giraffe because they are tall!