Monday, March 25

Post date: Mar 25, 2019 3:40:08 PM

There will be meetings to go over SAT/PSAT information this week. These meeting will take place at 9 am in the cafeteria. Freshman will meet on Tuesday, Sophomores will meet on Wednesday, and Juniors will meet on Thursday.

The deadline for the Wayne County CEO Program is this Friday, March 29th.

Just a few reminders for prom:

· Bring your clothes for post-prom with you when you enter the building for prom. You will leave your clothes in the library. You will NOT be allowed to leave the building once you arrive.

· Students will park in the west parking lot (teacher parking lot) and enter the building through the front entrance. Guest will enter and park on the east side of the school. (Cafeteria Entrance)

· We will begin decorating on Friday morning at 9:00. We can use all the student help that we can get. Please, try to stop in and help when you can.

· If you are on prom court- there will be MANDATORY PRACTICE at 4:00 on Friday. You are required to be here!! Please be prompt and on time. We won't have time to mess around.

Angie needs to see the following students sometime today: Lizzy Landreth, Cole Clark, Wes Oppy, Becca Marti, Hallie Musgrave, Marshall White, Joshua Carpenter, Riley Cottrill, Isaiah Miller, Alexis Chapman, Travis Dickey, Leah Marvel, Jasper Vaughan and Lindsey Scott.

All Seniors please go to the Library with a pencil now.