Mr. Mays

JH Science


I am the Jr. High Science and Social Studies teacher. I have only taught at Wayne City so I bleed WC Red! I went to Eastern Illinois University. I majored in middle level education in science and social studies. My favorite color is blue. My favorite animals are the ones I can eat! I love to teach all of my classes. I like it when the students learn something new and are truly excited about fresh knowledge. I don't like all of the politics that get in the way and force me to do non-important programs and paper work... SERIOUSLY!!! I have been teaching for 13 years. I have an obsession with rocks. I enjoy family most, but rocks come in second. My favorite number is 8 because it reminds me of my favorite animal. I like to go arrowhead hunting on rainy days! On breaks from school, I like to hunt arrowheads...duh! I am age 25+14. I decided to become a teacher because I was encouraged by a few former teachers: Lanny Smith, Danny Smith, and Stan Blank. If I could do anything else, I would love to play major league baseball or be an archaeologist. All of the random facts about me are TOP SECRET!!! If I were stuck on a deserted island with a fellow teacher, I would pick Mr. Griswold because I could feed him poisonous berries and he would never know. I would also want to have Mrs. Mays with me! :) The slogan that best describes me is, "OCD BABY!" If I could be an animal I would be a sea cucumber because nobody wants to eat one!